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Submitted papers

 Development of a new equation for estimation shear strength of rock discontinuity based on laboratory and in situ direct shear tests, Submitted.(2013) (with M. Sanei, L. Faramarzi, A. Fahimifar, A. Mehinrad, A. Rahmati)


 On the Conditional Inactivity Time of a Coherent System,  Submitted. (2014) (with  N. Balakrishnan)     


 Generalized Mixture Representations for Inactivity Times of Coherent Systems, Submitted. (2014)(with  N. Balakrishnan)      


 On the Mean Residual Life of a Generalized k-out-of-n System”, Submitted.  (2014)  (with  M. Xie  and  N. Balakrishnan)     

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