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List of Publications

[1]   On the discrete mean past lifetime, Metrika. 68 (2007), 209-217. (with  M. Asadi)        


[2]  More on the mean residual lifetime of the coherent systems,  IEEE Transactions of  Reliability. 54 (2008) 574-580. (with  M. Asadi)            


[3] Stochastic Ordering Among Inactivity Times of Coherent Systems, Sankhya B. 73 (2012) 241-262. (with  M. Asadi)                        


[4] On the Residual and Inactivity Times of the Components of Used Coherent Systems, Journal of   Applied Probability), 49 (2012)  385-404. (with M. Asadi and N. Balakrishnan)  


[5]  Development of a new equation for joint roughness coefficient (JRC) with fractal dimension : a case study of Bakhtiary Dam site in Iran., Arab J Geosci,(2013) DOI 10.1007/s12517-013-1147-3.(with Manouchehr Sanei, Lohrasb Faramarzi, Ahmad Fahimifar, Asghar Rahmati and  Abolfazl Mehinrad)



[6] Periodically Correlated and Multivariate Symmetric Stable Processes Related to Periodic and Cyclic Flow, Bulletin of the Iranian Mathematical Society (BIMS). (2014) (with A. Parvardeh and A. R. Soltani)


[7] Development of a new equation for estimation shear strength of rock discontinuity based on laboratory and in situ direct shear tests, Submitted.(2013) (with M. Sanei, L. Faramarzi, A. Fahimifar, A. Mehinrad, A. Rahmati)


[8] On the Conditional Inactivity Time of a Coherent System,  Submitted. (2014) (with  N. Balakrishnan)     


[9] Generalized Mixture Representations for Inactivity Times of Coherent Systems, Submitted. (2014)(with  N. Balakrishnan)      


[10] On the Mean Residual Life of a Generalized k-out-of-n System”, Submitted.  (2014)  (with  M. Xie  and  N. Balakrishnan)       

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