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I am an assistant professor in the department of mathematical sciences in Isfahan University of Technology. My research interests are Applied Probability, Reliability modeling of systems, Reliability Theory and Quality Control .


My academic background is as follows :


  • Ph. D. 2007-2012, Statistics, Isfahan University, Thesis Topic: A study  on   the   reliability of  dynamic  coherent  systems.


  • M. Sc. 2005-2007, Mathematical Statistics, Isfahan University, Thesis Topic: The mean residual lifetime and the mean past lifetime with an approach to systems. 


  • B. Sc. 2001- 2005, Statistics, Isfahan University, Project Topic: Review and compare of reliability of cement sheets in three factories.


  • 6th Satellite Summer School on  Levy   Processes : Theory and Application, 2010, Dresden  University  of Technology, Dresden, Germany.


  • Sabbatical in Department of Manufacturing Engineering  and Engineering Management, 2011, City University of Hong Kong,  Hong Kong.

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